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The UEFA European Football Championship, commonly referred to as the Euros, is the premier international men’s football tournament in Europe. The upcoming Euro Cup in 2024 is highly anticipated by football fans worldwide. It will feature top national teams competing for glory and pride in the quest for the prestigious title. Stay tuned for thrilling matches, talented players, and unforgettable moments in Euro Cup 2024.

You can watch the world cup live stream on FIFA.com TV, BBC and ITV, ARD DAS ERSTE and ZDF, NEOM, and SRF PLAYER. WatchWorldCup.org also provide WC live stream for free. All the events and news related to FIFA are available through these platforms, allowing you to watch all the upcoming football matches in one place and follow all the latest news.

The 2022 FIFA World Cup gets started Monday, November 21, from Qatar. Will France retain its title, or should you back Brazil, England, or Spain? Here is the most anticipated list of 2022 FIFA World Cup Odds:

Team World Cup Odds
Brazil 450
France 550
England 600
Spain 750
Germany  1000
Argentina 1000
Belgium  1200
Portugal  1200
Netherlands  1400
Denmark  2800
Croatia  3500
Uruguay  5000
Poland  6500
Senegal  6500
USA 8000
Serbia  8000
Switzerland  8000
Mexico 10000
Wales 10000
Ghana  15000
Ecuador  16000
Morocco  21000
Cameroon  26000
Canada 26000
Japan  26000
Qatar 25000
Tunisia  30000
South Korea 40500
Australia  40000
Iran  50050
Saudi Arabia  50000
Day Match 1 Match 2 Match 3 Match 4
Monday-21 November 2022 Senegal Vs. Netherlands-10:00 England Vs. Iran-13:00 Qatar Vs. Ecuador-16:00 United States Of America Vs. Wales-19:00
Tuesday-22 November 2022 Saudi Arabia Vs. Argentina -10:00 Denmark Vs. Tunisia-13:00 Mexico Vs. Poland-16:00 France Vs. Australia-19:00
Wednesday-23 November 2022 Croatia Vs.  Morocco -10:00 Germany Vs.  Japan-13:00 Spain Vs. Costa Rica-16:00 Belgium Vs. Canada-19:00
Thursday-24 November 2022 Cameroon Vs. Switzerland -10:00 Uruguay Vs. Korea Republic-13:00 Portugal Vs. Ghana-16:00 Brazil Vs. Serbia-19:00
Friday-25 November 2022 Wales Vs. Iran-10:00 Qatar Vs. Senegal-13:00 Netherland Vs. Ecuador-16:00 England Vs. United States of America-19:00
Saturday-26 November 2022 Tunisia Vs. Australia-10:00 Saudi Arabia Vs. Poland -13:00 France Vs. Denmark-16:00 Argentina Vs. Mexico-19:00
Sunday-27 November 2022 Costa Rica Vs. Japan -10:00 Belgium Vs. Morocco-13:00 Croatia Vs. Canada-16:00 Spain Vs. Germany-19:00
Monday-28 November 2022 Serbia Vs. Cameroon -10:00 Korea Republic Vs. Ghana-13:00 Brazil Vs. Switzerland-16:00 Portugal Vs. Uruguay-19:00
Tuesday-29 November 2022 Ecuador Vs. Senegal-15:00 Netherlands Vs. Qatar-15:00 Iran Vs. United States of America-19:00 Wales Vs. England-19:00
Wednesday-30 November 2022 Australia Vs. Denmark-15:00 Tunisia Vs. France-15:00 Poland Vs. Argentina-19:00 Saudi Arabia Vs. Mexico-19:00
Thursday-1 December 2022 Canada Vs. Morocco-15:00 Croatia Vs. Belgium-15:00 Costa Rica Vs. Germany-19:00 Japan Vs. Spain-19:00
Friday-2 December 2022 Uruguay Vs. Ghana -15:00 Portugal Vs. Korean Republic -15:00 Brazil Vs. Cameroon -19:00 Serbia Vs. Switzerland-19:00
Saturday-3 December 2022 Group B Second Place Vs Group A Winner -15:00 Second Place Group D Vs. Winner Of Group C -19:00
Sunday-4 December 2022 Winner Of Group D Vs. Second Place Group C-15:00 Winner Of Group B Vs. Second Place Group A-19:00
Monday-5 December 2022 Winner Of Group E Vs. Second Place Group F-15:00 Winner Of Group G Vs. Second Place Group H-19:00
Tuesday-6 December 2022 Group F Winner Vs. Group E Second Place-15:00 Winner Of Group H Vs Second Place Group G-19:00
Friday-9 December 2022 Round Of Sixteen 5 Winner Vs. Round Of Sixteen 6 Winner-15:00 Round Of Sixteen 1 Winner Vs. Round Of Sixteen 2 Winner-19:00
Saturday-10 December 2022 Round Of Sixteen 8 Winner Vs.  Round Of Sixteen 7 Winner -15:00 Round Of Sixteen 3 Winner Vs. Round Of Sixteen 4 Winner-19:00
Tuesday-13 December 2022 Quarter-Final 1 Winner Vs. Quarter Final 2 Winner-19:00
Wednesday-14 December 2022 Quarter-Final Winner 3 Vs. Quarter Final Winner 4
Saturday-17 December 2022 Loser (Semi-Final 2) Vs.  Loser (Semi-Final 1)
Sunday-18 December 2022 Winner (Semi-Final 2) Vs. Winner (Semi-Final 1)

Latest: As the nation of hosting nation, Qatar will receive an automatic bid and it will play in Group A of the all the Group Stage matches.

The nation will play matches in eight venues across five cities as part of their hosting duties.

Following the confirmation of Wales, Australia, and Costa Rica in Qatar, the FIFA World Cup field is all set.

France will be the defending World Cup champion, and they will face Denmark, Tunisia, and Australia in Group D. Despite this, Les Blues have been struggling recently, playing four games without a win, including a 2-1 loss against Denmark in the UEFA Nations League.